The best possible.. 

Déjà is looking forward to providing you with premium, classy costume jewelry at the finest quality. 

Every single piece of jewelry is designed carefully and made from superior - quality materials.


One of each kind..

As co-founders of Déjà, Priti and AJ realized after years of visiting several brick and mortar stores and scouring the internet looking for elegant, high - quality costume jewelry, that it wasn't easy to find tasteful jewelry that pleased our senses. In time, we also met a few like-minded folks who were faced with the same problem. It was then that we realized that we might be able to bring some fresh, special and unique designs to the market, firstly for our own personal use and secondly for all those people who would love and dare to be different. 

Priti, with her uncanny ability to create uniqueness, leads the creative elements and customer interaction while AJ being an astute businessman, manages the logistical back-end of things.

We will ensure your experience with Déjà is fulfilling and well - remembered. Every time you wear us, it will be like 'Déjà- vu'.